Will Day creates canvases with the intention to spread his passion and positive outlook into the world. Through continuous and enthusiastic exploration, Will Day is pushing his techniques and creative boundaries in order to express a view of the world that reflects his own.

Recent Commissions


The story of Will Day's 28' painting for Blackbelly Market in Boulder.

Abstract artist Will Day talks to NYC based magazine stylist and editor, Cricket Burns about his life, career, art and partnership with SoundWall.

WILL DAY wednesdays

Boulder contemporary-abstract artist, Will Day, works out of his North Boulder studio where he creates expressionistic fine art. Watch him start a new piece every Wednesday...

Every Wednesday, contemporary artist Will Day This week Will starts with an existing "commission-in-process" piece. with the layers already built up, Will can pull underlying depth to the surface through his many techniques.

This week Will is using the piece he worked on last week to uncover some of the layers with the help of a sander. If you like this technique and want to see more SUBSCRIBE to the willdayart channel!
This week WILL DAY works on a previous black and white piece where he plays with rigid lines and static energy.

Working on wood panel and thinning out the oil paints. Something new for me

This week Will moves out of his comfort zone of mixing different color palettes and works with geometric shapes. 


A collaborative art show benefiting Boulder's homeless artists. Featuring Will Day, Gail Folwell and the people of Bridge House. Will created a masterpiece with five homeless artist for the new Ready to Work House and Employment Center.

Abstract Artist Will Day shares his first NYC show.
Boulder artist Will Day creates a stunning, commissioned painting "Over the Rainbow" over the course of a month. Includes the installation at the Balfour in Denver.