A number of my pieces are commissioned.  Clients will like the colors of a painting, design of another or need a specific size. I welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a unique work of art that will add visual inspiration to your life spaces.

"Will's ability to truly listen to what one wants and to translate it into a custom artwork is unique."

The process of working with Will on our piece was as fantastic as the final painting looks hanging in our living room. His ability to truly listen to what one wants and to translate and ultimately elevate it into custom artwork is unique. It is rare that one has the opportunity to work so closely with an artist and in that practice the final piece transcends expectations.
— Elizabeth Prentiss and Doug Rao

"What Will senses about creating a piece of art is really not describable in words."

“What Will senses about creating a piece of art is really not describable in words. We really enjoyed our chats about life’s journeys and what that might mean for our painting. The final result was a wonderful surprise! Words such as balance, movement, contrast, and flow often come to mind when we take the time to enjoy our masterpiece. But mostly we just sit and wonder, “How did he do that?” Thanks Will!
— John & Stacey Fujiwara

"We cannot take our eyes off of our new painting."

We can’t say enough about how welcoming Will was, inviting our family to his studio so that our sons could see Will put his first paint to canvas, while explaining to the boys why he was using different techniques to allow Will to get the texture and movement he was hoping to achieve in our piece. When Will called us in to see the completed work, we were stunned at how skillfully Will had collected all we had shared with him and synthesized those conversations along with his vision to create a piece of art that we cannot take our eyes off of. I cannot say enough good things about Will and the process he goes thru to create wonderful and inspiring artwork for his clients.
— Chris and Rob Zwolfer

"An Absolute Masterpiece!"

We commissioned Will to do a large “statement” piece for our newly remodeled home. We were somewhat unsure of what we wanted, and confused about which direction to go. Somehow Will reached into our souls and pulled out something that was absolutely perfect for our home and family. I’m not quite sure how he did it. I can only say that he’s a master of listening, intuition, and patience. It was an absolute pleasure working with him throughout the entire process. We can’t wait to start on our next Will Day masterpiece!
— Tom and Carol Kuhne

" Will is the real thing"

Will is the real thing, he loves what he does and he has a passion to create pieces to tell a story. His interest in our journey and really understanding who we are and where we have been were reflected in the piece he painted for us. It has become a center piece in our home and a source of sharing for our family, as it’s power and energy greets everyone at our front door. They ask “What do you call it?” I say “Joyful Chaos” They ask “Why Joyful Chaos?”. I say “Come on in and I’ll share our story with you” Will has left a mark on our wall and in our lives, we are so thankful we trusted him and his process.
— Kiele & Chris Cox

"It was truly a pleasure working with Will"

From meeting him at Open Studios in Boulder, through the initial concept discussion at my home, to the delivery and hanging of the piece….he clearly finds much joy in his work, which makes the experience so enjoyable. He is welcoming of input and encourages visits to his studio as the piece evolves. He strives to incorporate the essence of where the piece will hang, the desires of his clients and the indescribable elements that make a painting just right. I am thrilled with the result!”
— L.H.

"Captured the essence of what we wanted while still managing to surprise us with it's originality."

Working with Will was effortless. He first came to our home to see the space and discuss what we were interested in, and by the time he left we felt he understood what we wanted. We didn’t even feel the need to ask to see his progress, and waited to see the finished product. It could not have been better - he absolutely captured the essence of what we wanted in both color and form while still managing to surprise us with it’s originality. “Exploring” is absolutely beautiful and truly brings us joy!
— Bryce and Adrienne Ambraziunas

"Working with Will was a fun and rewarding experience."

Working with Will was a fun and rewarding experience. He came to our residence to meet us and was immediately filled with ideas. He sat with us and listened carefully to our likes and dislikes, and our desires regarding the mood we were trying to create. He measured the walls, gave us some great suggestions and away he went. He called a few days later and invited us over to his studio to see the beginnings of our new artwork. They were great, but I feel confident that had we not liked them, he would have worked with us to design something more to our liking. He worked quickly and kept us in the loop the whole time. He even did the installation. It was a lot of fun, and we’d definitely work with Will again.
— Linda Silverthorn

"Amazing combination of colors and textures."

I was immediately drawn to Will’s vibrant red painting series. It caught my eyes and curiosity through his amazing combination of colors and textures. Our commission piece sits in a marquee section of our house, which generates a lot of excitement.
— Trish and Bo Sharon

" His Work Continues to Impress"

We have been so thrilled with our painting. We commissioned Will to do a custom piece for a large wall space. We worked collaboratively to come up with ideas, and Will magically created a perfect piece for our space. His attention to detail and color is extraordinary. It was exciting to watch the piece unfold. We continually get compliments; his work continues to impress.
— Joan and Sven Haug

"An inspirational energy in the main area of our home."

Will’s art has visually transformed our living space. With vibrant color and abstract images, our piece is not only a topic of conversation upon entry into our home, it has created an inspirational energy in the main area of our home.
— Lori and John Varsames

"Our painting makes me smile each time I look at it."

Having always been an admirer of very traditional art, I was completely surprised with Will’s abstract paintings. Each one is brilliantly alive yet tranquil and happy. Our painting makes me smile each time I look at it.
— Cindy and Chip Chamness

"Such a wonderful addition to our home."

We absolutely love our art from Will Day. The addition of our piece, “Reconnecting” has been such a wonderful addition to our home that it’s hard to remember how empty it must have felt before. Just as Will described the goal of his work, his painting has proven to be a daily inspiration to everyone in our family. What really strikes us the most is the clear magnitude of thought and contemplation that went into our art. That passion and deliberation are reflected in the abundance of dimension and character that bring his work to life in our home. We look forward to many years of enjoyment of our art from Will Day and are thankful to be the beneficiary of his dedication and talent.
— Paul and Michelle Algreen

" Working with Will was such a delight."

Working with Will was a delight — his enthusiasm and follow-through were second to none. Will checked out my gallery space in advance, listened carefully to my requests, gave me a sneak preview along the way, and delivered on time. The finished pieces exceeded my expectations.
— Jimmy Calano


Will hit it out of the park. My wife and I both love, love, love the paintings he created for us. They bring a smile to my face every time I look at them.
— Larry & Nancy Avery