Born in New York City, Will Day lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and the experiences of his journeys have inspired him as a person and an artist. Primarily self-taught, his interest in painting intensified during his travels throughout North Africa, South America, and Europe. His fine art training has consisted of studies in Paris, France and Dublin, Ireland.

Will has an inherent ability to create bold, abstract images on canvas – the majority being large-scale in format. His art balances texture, color and layering into cohesive and appealing images. He works with his canvasses on the floor so that he can rotate and apply materials from different vantage points. Will has a disciplined approach to each painting with the goal of producing original works that are spontaneous and resplendent. “While all the paintings are abstract, I try to create numerous shapes and forms that are visible. Several of the paintings depict forms of nature, such as flowers or landscapes,” he explains. “My ultimate goal is to fuse three or four colors in each painting to project a strong, motivating energy to the viewer.”

His art is featured in public and private collections throughout the United States. He exhibits at galleries in Greenwich, Connecticut, Steamboat, Colorado,  San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. In addition, Will displays and sells his work through his website and studio in Boulder, Colorado.


I was thirteen, in Ms. Kay’s art class in Darien, CT. I was using watercolors to create a fall landscape and something clicked. I felt a freedom of expression I’d never experienced before. It struck a chord in me. Little did I know, I would carry that feeling on my journey throughout my life. I keep that watercolor in my studio as a reminder of what brought me to where I am today.

I’ve been blessed with wonderful opportunities in life, many of which involved travel and the ability to live in different countries and among varied cultures. Starting in high school and throughout college, I spent months in France, England, Holland, Ireland, Russia and Brazil studying, among other things, art.

After college, I joined the US Peace Corps where for two years I was stationed in a small village in Tunisia, North Africa. My experiences living there defined my artistic style. Art was woven back into my life once again and I finally felt a sense of happiness. Tunisia had awoken my creative juices once more, which enabled me to develop an artistic hunger for self- expression and discovery.

I realize now how much art and architecture shaped my time abroad. I spent numerous hours drawing, painting and photographing my experiences as a way of documenting my feelings, surroundings and memories.

photo courtesy of Davis Tilly photography

After years in the financial world in New York, I was missing that creative outlet for self- expression. In 2001, I enrolled in the Masters of Architecture program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I graduated in 2004 and moved to Los Angeles to work in the field of architecture and real estate development. Again, I found something was missing. I wasn’t finding my niche. As a result, I started to paint after work, at night, and behind my garage, outdoors, in Los Angeles.

I started using oils, a new medium for me. I also wanted to go BIG and create large canvasses full of bold colors, with varied strokes, heavy textures and materials. It was refreshing and highly addictive. It was what I’d been searching for.

Now I understand that my career endeavors were all efforts to find a “mainstream” outlet for my creativity. I wanted to find a way to use my God-given talents to create inspirational works of art and teach others how to utilize art to enrich their lives. In the end, I took the scenic route to find my way back to how I felt at thirteen years old in Ms. Kay’s art class. I’m grateful for the journey and how it’s shaped who I am today.

Resume // Artist's narrative

Will Day Resume

Will Day Artist Narrative